PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Taliban gunmen in Pakistan shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday a 14-year-old schoolgirl who rose to fame for speaking out against the militants, authorities said.

Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head and neck when gunmen fired on her school bus in the Swat valley, northwest of the capital, Islamabad. Two other girls were also wounded, police said.

Yousufzai became famous for speaking out against the Pakistani Taliban at a time when even the government seemed to be appeasing the hardline Islamists.

                 Pakistani doctors work through night to save girl shot by Taliban

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistani surgeons removed a bullet on Wednesday from a 14-year-old girl shot by the Taliban for speaking out against the militants and promoting education for girls, doctors said.Malala Yousufzai was in critical condition after gunmen shot her in the head and neck on Tuesday as she left school. Two other girls were also wounded.Yousufzai began standing up to the Pakistani Taliban when she was just 11, when the government had effectively ceded control of the Swat Valley where she lives to the militants.Her courage made her a national hero and many Pakistanis were shocked by her shooting.

Taliban shoot Pakistani schoolgirl campaigning for peace

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) Al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia vowed to keep most international aid workers away despite a worsening famine, as the U.N. warned Friday that 800,000 children could die in the region from starvation.

Frustrated aid groups said they want to deploy more food assistance inside Somalia but don't yet have the necessary safety guarantees to do so. The anarchic country has been mired in conflict for two decades and its capital is a war zone.

The renewed threat from al-Shabab means only a handful of agencies will be able to respond to the hunger crisis in militant-controlled areas of southern Somalia. And the largest provider of food aid the U.N. World Food Program isn't among those being allowed inside.

The U.N. fears tens of thousands of people already have died in the famine, which has forced Somalis to walk for days in hopes of reaching refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Somalia is the most dangerous country in the world to work in, according to the U.N.'s World Food Program, which has lost 14 relief workers in the past few years. WFP pulled out of Islamist-controlled southern Somalia after the rebels demanded cash payments and other concessions.

Somali militants vow to block aid workers

When will the people of the world understand? 

Evil is in all countries and all religions. We must speak the truth; that is the only way to be free. If people could stop and care and have Love for one Another, this could change the world overnight. Can this happen? With God on our side all things are possible, but not if we are against one another. Evil with us for now, but we can come out from among it and be separate.

Awareness and Truth is the Answer. If we say we follow a God of Love and we hate, the truth is not in us. You will know them by their fruits. Do they produce good fruit of bad fruit? We already know the answer. It's now time to come together as 'One People' so we can feed the poor and the people of the world good fruit.


Evil has entered into  all people of all faiths. Truth and understanding is required to see this. When we close our eyes  the Enemy  grows strong and overcomes the people. When we hide he becomes bold and harms even more.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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