UPDATE 1-1-2013 - THE FUTURE IS HERE NOW … We now stand in time where we will be tested and rated as to our Future. This will apply to us on a personal level and in the future of business and survival. As a people we still have the ability for Greatness; but at the same time and we also now have a greater ability for failure. Billions are spent around the world to make this world a better place, yet little has changed in the people and the Governments that we support.  We have continued to miss the Vision and the Power within people that can open the door to a new World. The people of the World are ready to stand up for change; but there is a showing of a Great danger that will take all that we have worked for. If the right People would stand up and come together we can change a Country for a small fraction of what is spend today to try and save the world. . With a little extra work we could reach the world. I speak of what some would call Miracles…But without this kind of thinking; and, if we do nothing; we have already lost. Vision and Hope added with Faith has no limits. We must make sure it is directed and promoted in the right direction. I search for the ones who have the wisdom to look into this future and direct change; we need people of wisdom and of Vision who have been place with the ability to understand the power of people who stand for righteous values, and who care for one another.  I talk of people with different ability coming together. And yes I also talk about business here…  But it  is also a place for the poor of the World. We are already late... we have the solutions for change….   

WHAT IS TRUTH? Here in these pictures is but a small part of today’s history. But the truth is that all religion has a dark past. Muslims have good reasons from time past to have built up fear and hate for Christians. But what we may not see it that the Truth is not always there. We have been deceived and made to have hate for one another. True people of God have no hate. I speak to the millions around the world that can see the truth and understand that we have a common enemy... If we are to have a chance we must reach for change and stand as one people.

Can we stop hate? NO....Can we change all people and get them to see the truth ? No again; this world will require God to finish his plan. One thing I can tell you is that the plan is based on Love. We are here to discern good and evil and choose our path for eternity.  

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