This Project will provide the People of the World a way to come together for the Greater Good. It will allow us to get past the issues of the world and it will provide a common message of  Love for one another. In our collective efforts we can by-pass the evil events of the world and serve together to help the ones in need. We can become involved as one voice and we can demand Order for the ones who are in harm’s way.  We work as a collective effort to solve problems and we promote respect for all people.  In our effort we understand that the enemy is an evil that works against all  people.  As we serve it is about the ones in need and  serving in our personal faith for a God of Love that cares for all people. In our work it is not our place to judge or force change; it is our way to promote peace and respect for all people of the world.   






In what we do together, we must have a simple understanding. 

That understanding is “To Just Love and Care for One another" If we can promote this, we have a chance to change the world and let all people see that we have a common enemy.  This is the true test and mission for us as a people... If we can  reach the world with this message of caring, we would be able to take away much of the power of evil to do harm.

In my faith I see us as one people. In the major religions of the world, we are not that far apart, and we share the same history. People can Love one another and still walk in their own faith and come together. We do it everyday.  

What is happening in the world now is a great deception on all people. In people and in Government there is a common enemy that has caused change. Religion has been used as a tool for evil and truth has been twisted to where many have lost their direction. In many of my speeches and radio addresses I have spoke about our mission as a people. I have listed the poor and their rights to a better life. I talk about injustice and others who powers over the weak. I have also said that Democracy is only good, and at its best, when Good People are in charge.  This is true for all countries both in local and major sections of the Government. . If you are to serve the People, you must care and serve in Love.

Our Mission here is to bring people together as a collective effort. This is a Vision that involves all people of the World. We offer solutions and bring order so we can bring the World together as one.  

     I do not support a “One World Religion or a One World Government" 

                                                                   In this there would be no Truth.

                         I support a Relationship with a God of Love to where our rule is to;”Love and Care for One another".

                                               In this; Truth will follow as we weigh this before the God that we say we follow.

 If you  Hate and do Evil, I see no Christians and I do not see the faith of  Islam. We do not Honor God by Hate!


                     " To God be the Glory" as we are one People in Love and Caring for One another.

There is one Enemy... And that enemy of evil has entered into all people by the way Governments and Religion. Many do not know that they have been deceived, but this has always been the plan from the beginning as a way to destroy Gods people.

"We are the same", we care for our children and family the same and we all hurt and suffer the same. We have the same loses and hopes and we die the same. We all cry and hurt for a life time as we lose family. Hate can grow in all of us or love and understanding can blossom.  In our hearts we wish to Honor God, but deception leads us in the wrong paths. In the major faiths of the world, we are not far apart, but yet there is great harm between many people. Our history started the same, it was by the evil one that we became deceived and we have these issues of today.

If we are to try to understand, we can look and see the fruit that is produced as a way to judge what is right and what is wrong. It is a very simple truth to look  at ones path in life  to see if it has produces "Good Fruit” or if "Bad Fruit” has come forth. It is by their fruits that you will know if people walk with a God of Love. There is a time to remove what is bad and keep what is good. Evil will be with us for a short time now, but with-in all people we can decide our path.

People be wise, time is short to serve and be in the right place. In the following months there will be many things that will challenge all faiths. From this time there will come  a even Greater Deception. Now we have time for change and to remember the poor. Let us all work together. 


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The  world is failing to serve the People. It is broken and we see that something major is wrong. We see that we are all about to go under and we understand that we can all lose everything if we don't act now. We also see the suffereng of others and we feel their pain.  Here; there is days where we take large steps and others where it moves very slow. We walk in Faith... and we understand there is no other way.. We know that it will take a Miracle for us to cause change.
Now we gather and we make ready; we always move forward; build and watch for the ones that God will send to complete our needs. We are still searching out World Leader and People who can provide the missing needs to make this all happen.
In all that we do; we know that it is Urgent... I say to you... help us to move forward. If you are with us then move with us. Together we can become very strong.
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Purpose and Mission
World Asia
Progressive International Foundation Organization?  Peoples Involvement For Order?  It is both… Where the structure of order rest on the Foundation, the Purpose takes on several meanings and services.  We are LAMP { Love Asia Mission Partners } and The children Life Project Organization. Together we make up a World Children Network.  As we begin, we started as a project of need. We understood that the needs of the people would require us to do something that no one has ever done before…We understood that it would take all of us coming together to be able to meet these needs; and we knew that to be able to reach these goals we needed to be able to speak with one voice.  As we watch the world increase in hate and destruction, we also saw the need to counter some of the evil so we could continue to serve. Thousands of innocent lives are lost because of issues that they are not even involved in. Relief Organization cannot enter many places and the funding has stopped because of the violence. Natural Disasters have also increased in making our work even more costly.  In this we knew that there must be people  and Organizations who will stand together in “Love for One Another’. This meant that Religion could not stand in the way for a people who serve for the Greater Good. It meant that if we are to help the ones in need, we must  all work together.

In this we Present to you PIFO, “A Gathering of Many”
A Work in Progress
        THE PIFO PROJECT WORLD                                         
                                  Peoples Involvement For Order 
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PIFO has gone Live on the Radio. Thisis a effort to move our programs forwards. Please watch for our recorded programs and times for our World Broadcasts.