DIRECTION... Where do we go from here?

This is a work in progress and an effort of many. Direction and focus can change as we move to come together in our efforts. We face many challenges as we try to promote and show change. There is so much need in the world now. In what we have to do there is many requests for help and there are many great needs around the world that are focused on the need of the many as lives are in danger of being lost. I have only one way I know to help to build funding. That way is to build a Vision and Invite others in. I have to show accountability and trust in all that we do. In many parts of the world there is an issue of how relief is delivered and it is received. I know why and the cause of this help not being there for you, and I also know how to change the image to make this work. It is not up to me, but it is up to the people as to your future. I care about one thing, and that is for the Children and their Families around the world. If we can do this, we build; show, tell and act as one people. If not, I have no other solution.



First we stand for Human Rights. This means we stand for all people of all Faiths. We do not stand for a One World Religion or a One World Government, in this there would be no Truth. I say that Religion is a Religion of Man that has been taken over by Man to where evil has entered into all Religions, Countries and Governments. In Truth there are many true People of a God of Love that is in all parts of the world standing against evil the best they can and trying to do right to the weak and the poor. Most of the World has been deceived and this has cause Gods people to be weak as we are placed  one against another and as we are separated.


Our position is simple; if we are true and follow a God of Love, then we are the same people. If we live by hate and harm others then the truth is not in us and the truth is not in the ones that move us to harm others. None of this Honor God by our protest of Hate and Harm to others. It is not our place to harm Gods creation and not let him finish his creation. We are not God and we have no rights to pretend to be. Most of the main religions are very close in understand and have the same history.  I can live together with different faiths and understand and wait for God to correct our misunderstandings. If he is a God of Love that we follow, I have faith that we will  can find Truth. I think that the true test in this life is if we can overcome evil and show Love for One another.


We know Truth and Love by the fruits that are produced. Are they of Love or of harm and destruction? Do leaders promote kindness and Love or do they deceive and promote hate and destruction? What is best for your Children? Which one will offer Life for you and you’re Children? Is this  not simple Truth? Is this not easy to see?


How do we get started?


Many Organization has ask for our help. In my work I depend on Miracles, we see these Miracles everyday and we expect them. In our work  there are guidelines that we work under; for me to raise funding in this economy it is very hard now. In some of the places that has ask us for help there is a image issue for the ones who would give. What I do as a promotion and a Management System is I show change and accountability. I promote Vision and show the ones in need. As I can work projects I guarantee that the funding is well taken care of and that corruption is not there. This is not an easy process, but that is how it is done now if we are to expect anyone to become involved. As of today, I have no one who is offering to provide funding there in many of the Countries who have asked, but it is possible to change this.

In Truth; please understand, this is a process that will search and control all project funding, so it you are not true here it is best to not waste your time or ours, there will be nothing we can do unless the funding processed is verified and monitored. Plus there is NO GUARANTEE in what we might be able to do. The World is not stable and it changes day by day now. We can only try.


PHASE ONE - How do we start ?
We bring people together and we build together. We build on need and Love for the ones we say we serve. We show what we have in common and we focus on the poor. We Build our collective effort, Show,Tell and Teach; when this is done then we act. If we are not able to do this then I can not show the World change then there is no New Vision to Present and there is little I can do. But if we can show change and a collective effort, we might get help to move us forward.  
PHASE TWO -  How do we get funding  ?

We will build in several systems for funding as we see that we are willing to come together with the promotion of Change.  We hope to pull from some of the World Foundations, plus maybe the United Nations. We will make some of our own funding sources that you can also use to provide for your organization. Livelily Hood projects can be set up in our sites for World Product Sales. This not only helps your Organization, but it also help for your projects in serving the poor. We will search out all World Systems to help in all areas.


PHASE THREE - How and Where do we go to work ?
Most of the funding will be pre approve from a business plan. We will require you to present a plan and we will help to put it together. We will be involved in the project as our part of the management and accountability system. Final details will be directect as to priority and location. This will be based on a Traige system in part and will also depend on how the  funding is received and directed. This will be a work in progress and will follow with updates at a later time.  Again there is no Guarantee  as of this ecomomy. All we can do is to create the Vision and try. 
Why is Religion Talked about here?
Because it is in the way for many people....And we need to get it our of the way...  Here we Live and Work with our own Faith... We work under one understanding:
WE CARE AND HAVE LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. THIS IS ALL NATIONS,  ALL PEOPLE AND ALL FAITHS. . Every Life has Value and We work Together to Stand and Protect All People. We stand against evil and lift up Gods People. If you are not a person of Love and forgiveness, then this is not for you.
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