In these efforts we have continued to miss the Vision and use the Power that can create hope and open the ability of purpose. Many of the people around the World speak of change; but there is now no leaders of Vision to lead the way. In history there always come a time when balance is no longer there and the society of the people begins to fall.  As we now stand back and look forward we see this movement in motion; if this continues it will take all that we have worked for.

If the right People would stand up and come together we can change a Country for a small fraction of what is spend today.

With a little extra work we could reach the world. I speak of what some would call Miracles…But without this kind of thinking; and, if we do nothing; we have already lost.

I always look for a plan, because I know that there has always been one...

Change Management
 is an approach to shifting / transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state  to a  desired future state.
Bringing it all together
How do we make the world understand?  How do we show the truth and bring everyone together .
It is like a Puzzle
You must bring all the pieces together to see the picture.


We now stand in time where we will be tested and placed as to our Future. This will apply to us on a personal level and in the future of business. As a people we still have the ability for Greatness; but at the same time we also now have a greater ability for failure. Billions are spent around the world to make this world a better place, yet little has changed in the people and the Governments that are to produce this change. 

Vision and Hope;  added with Faith has no limits; purpose can become a powerful engine…Our job is to make sure it is directed and promoted in the right direction. I search for the ones who have the wisdom to look into this future and direct change; we need people of wisdom and understanding with righteous values.  I talk of people with a different ability coming together. And yes I also talk about business here too.  If we are to survive; we must be able to look into the future and cause change.…If we forget the poor; they will not forget us…Without  righteous values there is no  Peace and Human Rights;  and we will have no future. Company of Greatness should be leading the way and every man of wealth should be on the front lines. We are already late; help us to finish... We have the solutions….    
What am I talking about here?
I am saying that all of the pieces must be here for everything to work. I am saying there has always been a plan. I am saying that all people are part of this plan and if you leave out some of the pieces you have missed your lesson in life....Have you ever ask if this is all there is?  Why is the poor always with us? Why is the world the way it is and what are we to do? And  is it  our Job to do something? Why are some people lifted up in the World and other die and suffer?
Above is a picture of how man would do it.  But "HOW WOULD GOD DO IT"?
How would God teach man and make him understand?

Here this religion thing again. Sorry but the World will not let this go away. One thing we have learned in the World is good and evil.  Next is the understanding of LOVE... We can have need and closeness, but Love is not an auto response. If it was an auto response then everything would be about caring. 

But how would God program and format our brain into something usable for his kingdom? We are" hard headed" as we say in the USA... As a people we just don't want to listen and take instruction. So what would God use as tools to teach us and still give us free choice?


Look at what is left for us from God? We are left books from our history. The books of the Bible, the Quran and others... God is all Powerful and in a Word he can speak anything into place. But yet we are left with a mess. Many cults have come up and many books are out there that we are sure that they are on no value. But yet they were discerned to be this way based on our learning at a time in our life.


Next look at how complex the human brain is...How would you reprogram and yet have free thinking? How would you teach something that must be born into a person?  How would you know what Good and Evil is and how would you learn about Love? This mess that I speak of above didn't have to happen... but it did.


I have always said that you have to look at the Bible as a full puzzle and have a relationship with God to  see the picture  and see the Truth.  Maybe Islam and the understanding of the Quran is also this way. Maybe this is part of the pieces and parts that brings us into understand. We have seen this in History and in the present of all books of Faith. Maybe all understanding is what gives us Wisdom as we bring it all together in these end times. 


From what I see and know; these books are full of stories and sometimes just full of wisdom. We think that some of the message no longer applies and it has no value; and some we think of as bad judgment and something that we look for a way to pass by... But yet it is there for us to see. As we read more we learn to discern right from wrong and understand what has value and what does not. As we learn from there we look at the World and we again discern...  As we see  a picture come together   we see that we have learn good, evil and Love from these books.


But what happens when we never learn this?  What happens if you never learn to discern good and evil? What if from this you never learn to Love? Can this happen if the tools are not there to learn? Is there a Great Design that many are missing?  Can you have great knowledge and lack wisdom and understanding? The answer is yes, we see this everywhere in people.


Are you starting to get my point?


In all that we do we are all interconnected; if we forget the poor then we are nothing. If we don't have all the pieces we will fail. If we stand apart then we are weak.  There is a Great Power in People of  hope; as we add purpose and faith we can move mountains.  If we invest in the poor they will remember and bring us all  to a new level. Give Hope and you give people the ability to overcome the world. Apply Purpose and you move  together as one. With faith, all things are possible...


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